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Medium- Clairvoyant Reading

All Mediums are psychic but not all psychics are Mediums. Denise is both. Denise's Readings consist of channeled information from the higher realm/spirit world. Your loved ones appear to her in many forms (human form as well) & communicate loving messages through her to you for validation, guidance, closure, etc.
The Divine (your spirit guides, angels, archangels, ascended masters, & animal guides) also pass on channeled messages to help bring you guidance & clarity with all areas of your life & path.
Denise is able to connect directly with the higher power (source) for clear & accurate communication. All Denise's Readings come from a place of love, honesty, & pure intent. 


Individual Readings via Zoom

60 minutes ___$150
90 minutes ___$240 

Multi-Person Reading via Zoom

60 minutes ___$300 for 2



                        E-mail Reading 




This service is for those looking for immediate guidance or clarity with a situation.  (This is not a mediumship Reading)
I will answer up to 3 specific questions via email.

How it works:

* Go to "contact me" and in subject put " email reading" & list up to 3 specific questions in the message section. (Please provide your full name & email address)

* I will respond with a link for payment. Once payment is confirmed I will provide a reading for up to 3 questions with in 24-48 hours of receiving it.  Please send the questions with payment.  (Except weekends & holidays).

Up to 3 questions __$ 55 
Up to 6 questions __$ 85

Please note that all services are remote & distant healing at this time. 

Combination - Reading & Healing Session

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Sometimes we aren't sure what exactly it is making us feeling off physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually or what it is that is holding us back in life. Most times we are our own block & have a hard time seeing that. An Intuitive Healing session is a combined session of  a Spiritual Guidance/Reading with an Divine Energy Healing session to not only guide you, bring you clarity but help remove any blocks, cords, self limited beliefs and help release any stored emotions.
This session is to help guide you & provide you with the tools and knowledge for you to continue with healing through out your life time.  This session includes:

* 60 min Spiritual Guidance Session/Reading
* 45 min Divine Healing /Chakra Alignment

 1 hr 45 min ___ $250

Spiritual Guidance/Counseling


This type of session is similar to most therapeutic sessions with a holistic and spiritual approach. Denise works with your spirit guides, higher self, and her intuition to help bring you clarity, guidance, and healing. She uses her life knowledge, spiritual beliefs and channeled information from the Divine.
Denise has worked with many clients to overcome anxiety, depression, fear, deep emotional blocks, and/ or traumas. This type of therapy is for those who want more of a holistic approach to therapy & emotional healing. This is not a Reading.


60 minutes ___$110
90 minutes ___$180


Divine Energy Healing

Available by a distant healing only


A Divine Healing session is to help heal you physically, mentally, emotionally, & spiritually.  Through out our life experiences we often suppress hurtful emotions & traumas. We hold on to guilt, fear, anger preventing us from moving forward. These turn into blocks within our body causing physical, mental, and emotional illness.
During this session Denise works with all healing modalities and all of the Divine that you need at that time to heal on all levels. She uses her intuition & healing energy to work with your highest self & guides.
Each session is different for each individual. This is a perfect session to help you release what no longer serves you internally & externally. If you have a physical injury this session will help you speed up the recovery  process.

* Please note Denise does not claim to cure any illness. *

60   min. session ____$110  


Chakra Alignment/ Energy Clearing

Available by distant healing only.


A Chakra is literally a "wheel of energy". We have 7 main ones in our body that are in our center along our spine.  Each one is associated to our physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual being. Energy exchange, fear, worry, stress, hurt, lack of expression, lack of movement, etc will cause blockages within them causing the energy flow to become stagnant & unaligned. That is when we feel fatigue, unmotivated, physically , emotionally, & mental ill. Also may feel a sense of disconnect to self and others.  
This is a great session to clear all negative energy & heavy energies from you & become in perfect alignment with the energy vibration that is best for you. 


30 min. session ____$70                       


Past Life Regression/Age Regression

download (38).jpg

A past life regression can bring great healing to you in this life time. Often we carry a trauma or experience into our next life times and / or we make agreements (soul contracts) that prevent us from having the relationship, career or life that we not only want but deserve in this life time. Age regression brings you back to a trauma or memory that you may have blocked out (as far back as the womb)in your current lifetime to healing and bring you forward from that experience/trauma.

2-2.5 hr session _____$440

Gift Certificate

 A gift certificate for a reading or healing is a thoughtful gift & perfect for anyone especially those who have everything! Its perfect for any occasion, birthdays, holidays, or even as a gift to help a friend or family member through their process of healing.


**Please note: I am not a licensed Medical Doctor or Practitioner, LSW, or Certified Councilor.  I am not part of any organization or medical profession. All knowledge given, guidance & "healing" work done during all of my sessions and classes are solely based on my spiritual belief, self-knowledge, & life experience. I do not claim to treat or cure.**

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