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About the Session

* Please be clear - Refrain from any drugs or alcohol day of session. I will not read anyone under the influence..

* Be on time - My time is valuable and so are the clients scheduled after you. Be ready to sign into Zoom as we will start at scheduled time. Anything later then 10 minutes will need to be rescheduled, If you are a no show, I will not reschedule the appointment, it will need to be rebooked as another appointment.

* I have a 24 hr cancellation policy. I understand sometimes life happens or some jobs require you to stay. Please contact me asap preferably no later than that morning.

* My services are for adults 18 and older,. Any minor needs to have a written consent by a parent. ( I will verify this)

* The session is remote however I ask for you to treat it as any professional appointment and ask that you do not eat or smoke during our session. 

* Driving- Please don't. Again it is an appointment , one that you need to be fully present for, Also it is not safe to drive as I read you.

* Pad & pen- have a pad and pen nearby incase you want to write anything down. I do not allow recordings.

* Questions- Your session will go by rather quickly so if there are any particular questions you want to know please write them down. I will ask for you to hold off some on asking them as they may be answered. 

*Relax! Its important just to relax and keep an open mind. 

* Individual Sessions- If booking as an individual session the session is just for 1 person. Noone will be allowed in the room with you

* Refund Policy- ALL services are Non-refundable. If for any reason you can not do the session and want to transfer it over to another person this needs to be done 24 hours in advance and I need to be contacted first.

If you have any additional questions please contact me through the website.

Thank you!

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